Timesheet software that also chases the late payments for you
January 31, 2015

The technical bits

All you need to know about The Trunk but were afraid to ask


Easy-to-use timesheets

Once you have set up your company and your team members have entered their details, all they need to do is navigate to the Timesheet page and enter in the details.



Timesheet authorisation

On a frequency you chose (e.g. every Friday) The Trunk sends off authorisation emails to your customers for the time your team have entered.



Timesheet management

On a date you select (e.g. 25th each month) The Trunk closes off all of the timesheets and sends out the final authorisation emails. You are able to see which timesheets have been authorised and can edit or authorise any that have not been authorised if necessary.



Invoice production

One week later (on a date you choose) The Trunk converts authorised time into invoices. You are able to preview these prior to them being sent or email them automatically.

For those wanting to use The Trunk without invoicing, then this feature can be turned off.



Invoice production from your contractors

The Trunk will automatically invoice you from your contractors when invoices are emailed out.



Calculation of how many hours your hourly staff work

The Trunk will automatically email you a report of hourly paid staff when it sends invoices out.



Unpaid invoices chasing

At intervals you set and with text you can choose, The Trunk will automatically resend the invoice if your customer doesn’t open it, chase them if the invoice is not marked as paid.



Terms and conditions‎ for your customers to agree

Use our example terms and conditions or write your own. Then as you add new customers they are automatically emailed to confirm they agree to your terms. Don’t want to send them? They are easily turned off at the tick of a box!



Customisation for customers

Got a special rate for a customer? That’s easily set up and The Trunk will automatically invoice them at that rate.



Customisation for team members

Pay your contractors different rates depending on what they are doing? You select the service they do for you and set the prices on their company page, select a different service and set those prices too.