Timesheet software that also chases the late payments for you
November 13, 2015


We at The Trunk recognise that you may have clients that would really benefit from our system.

Maybe is the easy to use timesheet management, maybe it’s the automated debt chasing.  Whatever it is, we want to help your clients, so offer a referral scheme.

By signing up as an referral partner with us, you will earn money for each one of your clients who access The Trunk.

The deal is simple, you register with us, we provide you with some example literature you could use, you refer your clients to us, they enjoy The Trunk and provided they have purchased the software following any trials then you get paid £30 for each new paying client*.

* If someone’s already known to us or has been referred to us before then this won’t apply, someone else obviously thinks it’s a great idea for their business too.